Issues Etc., keeping to a persistent theme, has been featuring a series of interviews on the subject of abortion, specifically on the moral facts (yes, I mean that) of abortion and on ways to argue about (i.e. against) abortion. They are excellent and well worth listening to.

It has bothered me for some time that, in contrast to many of their US counterparts, European Christians tend in general to be incredibly impassive when it comes to abortion. Whether because of a misconceived privatisation of morality or mere lethargy, the pro-life movement in this country (UK) and seemingly elsewhere in Western Europe, a pretty well kept secret. I hold myself as a textbook example of a Christian to whom abortion is an abhorrent crime and sin, yet do very little about it in practice.

My thinking on this was sharpened a notch listening to Melvin Bragg and guests discuss the life and thinking of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau, often credited with the articulation of the concept of civil disobedience, made the crucial observation that to be opposed to something creates an obligation to oppose it. It’s no good just deploring it in the privacy of one’s home.

So throw away your WWJD bracelet and replace it with WWYD (what will YOU do?). Luther in the Freedom of the Christian reminds us that while God doesn’t require our services, our neighbour does. The more defenceless the neighbour, the greater the need, as in the Good Samaritan. And who is more defenceless than the unborn?


5 thoughts on “Pro-life or in favour of life?

  1. Good post.

    I always vote Republican. The Dems have proved over and over again, they do not value innocent life (they do seem to care about saving murderes and terrorists).

    I try and speak of Christ when I can to youth and whomever. I think that when Christ Jesus gets a hold of one’s heart, He can really change a person and give them a greater concern for the lives of the unborn.

    I think the apathy in the U.K. may be related to the general apathy regarding Christian faith.

  2. Yes, I think that’s true. But it doesn’t explain why non-apathetic Christians are apathetic about abortion – me included.

  3. You are not apathetic or you wouldn’t been talking about it.

    Prayer is also something that is worthwhile with respect to abortion.

    Also, it made a lot tougher when the tide is very much against you.

    Over here it’s close to even.

  4. If we would pray every day for unborn children could we be so passive? If we know what abortion is we are shootin and crying for God. But it is not fanny to know so horrible things and thats why we dont want to hear anything, see anything or believe anything about abort. Oh God! Bless those children who are today murdered by abortion. Help us never be quiet, never forget them; our own sisters and brothers.

  5. It is very difficult in the UK to be ‘pro-life’ as the term carries so much baggage. To say you are pro-life in Britain is seen as tantamount to saying you believe ‘a woman’s place is in the home’ – which I personally think is ridiculous; the two are not linked. Also, many people feel uncomfortable discussing this issue, especially if they are male, as it is presented in the media as being an issue solely for the woman involved. You are correct that people feel uncomfortable ‘judging’ others ‘choices’.

    Just by being open about your views and providing an example through the way you live your life you can do much to show people that the pro-life stereotype is false. By writing about your opinions on abortion you will expose others to the issue.

    If you haven’t already, you could provide links in your posts and on your home page to groups such as Created4Life and other UK based pro-life groups.
    Good luck.

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