I thank You, my God, that You have prepared for me, a poor sinner, a treasure house full of all kinds of spiritual goodness and nourishment. This treasure house is Your holy and precious Word, which You have given me in the blessed Scriptures. Guide me, therefore, dear Father, and take me into this treasury. Let Your Holy Spirit lead me so that I find everything my soul needs. My needs are so many, and You know them best yourself; meet them by Your grace. You see how poor my soul is, and how hungry, sick and naked; so give out from the storehouse of Your Word riches to the poor, food to the hungry, riches to the poor and clothes to the naked. And since these endless riches of Your grace are held in Your dear Son, Jesus Christ, my Saviour who is highly to be praised, I pray for the grace of Your Holy Spirit that I may hear, read and study Your Word in such a way that I always find Jesus therein. Grant that, as I again study Your Word at this time, the fruit I gain is that I clothe myself more and more with the Lord Jesus Christ, both as my righteousness and as my example, and thereby grow in grace and in the knowledge of my Saviour who is highly to be praised. Hear my prayer, O God, for the sake of Jesus. Amen.

A hasty and rough translation from Johannes Bäck (1850-1901), Muukalaisen kotielämä [The Sojourner’s Home Life], a wonderful book of prayers. I hope to post more of these.

(Please feel to re-distribute, but with proper attribution, please.)


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