Seven theses on church music

From a presentation I was honoured to give yesterday at Luther-Tyndale Memorial Church in London, as part of their annual Reformation Festival. I. Music is the chief vehicle for the proclamation of the Word of God in the Church. II. Therefore, the task of church music is to proclaim the Word of God. III. As…


Atheist Song

HT: Rev. Larry Peters

A master on a master

A wonderful little video from BIS on Masaaki Suzuki's latest offering of Bach's sacred choral music. It's a great testimony to the spiritual significance of the music, not only to Bach but to all who hear it. Enjoy!

Love at first sound

Thanks to a tangential comment in a comment by Confessing Evangelical, I have discovered Spotify. I love it! If I ran a record shop - or even a music download business - I would be worried, very worried. Go and check it out. It's the best thing since most good things of this earth.