Election and the Christian Life

The doctrine of election is not primarily the abstruse, difficult article of faith that most Christians – indeed, most theologians – are intimidated by (at best). Rather, in the Scriptures it is given as a source of confidence for the Christian, and a foundation of the Christian life. Like this: … we must always take…


God’s choice of scoundrels

As I pointed out in the previous post, Jack Kilcrease has written an interesting post about God's choice of the weak over the strong in the OT—e.g. Jacob over Esau—and this being a key fact in understanding the doctrine of election. Well worth reading and munching on. Having munched, this thought presented itself to me…

Election: What Calvinists don’t get

There's a great post by Jack Kilcrease on what we can and can't say about election and predestination here. I would be fascinated to see what those of a  Calvinist persuasion make of it. Go and have a look, and if you are a Calvinist, chip in.